Thursday, 6 April 2006

Fynoderee Chapter Illustrations Ch.1 [Retospective]

Old Work
DATE: April 2006

While cleaning through some old files I found my Fynoderee™ illustration folder...

I got lucky a couple of years ago and was commissioned to illustrate Fynoderee, a modern fantasy book. If you want to get the jist of what it was about take Harry Potter swap Hogwarts for the Isle of Man, magic with myths and legends unique to the Isle and you're about there. It's a fun little book.

Working closely with Alex Duncan, the author, I researched Norse and Celtic stone carvings and developed a suitable illustrative style (it was great fun - me being a fantasy dweeb and all). He wanted the illustrations to reflect the Island's heritage. He also wanted each illustration to feature the chapter's title in a runic alphabet.

First off we've got a coloured promo piece and the second one's a hand inked prototype. The prototype shows one of my first concept designs for the Bugganes - the nasty bad guys.

Chapter One: Whispers on the Wind.

TOOLS: Photoshop, Pen & Ink

"William Faulds, another young Manx man and also an extremely talented artist, has provided the unique and original illustrations in Fynoderee. They subtly weave through the text creating intricate, powerful images and compliment the brooding atmosphere of the story. William has cleverly integrated both Celtic and Norse symbols and elements into his artwork and as a result they superbly reflect the Island's cultural heritage."

Angie Greenhalgh, Montreal, Canada, Nov 2006.


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