Thursday, 19 October 2006

Voodoo Badger [Retrospective]

Old Work
DATE: October 2006

Voodoo Badger, the danceoff.

Ok so here's some of my first pixel art... At the time I was experimenting with work-flows and game asset creation. I produced a fair range of assets under this concept including animations, game screens, and flash prototypes.

TOOLS: Photoshop & ImageReady

These are the early character animation tests. I'll be adding more to this post later with a link to some flash files hosted at my site too.

[click it to go big]
For anyone interested this character sheet is how I was worked on the animations. It shows each head I'd pixelled so I could easily reuse it in another animation. Oh and it shows the palette I was using ;_;

TOOLS: Photoshop

Here's the improved version - after a couple of months of pixelling I was a bit more clued up on colour selection... I'm tempted to do it again and see where I've got to now but that will have to wait.

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sylvainulg said...

Interesting character and nice animations. Keep it up.