Sunday, 22 February 2009

Vic Reeves, he certainly knows how to dance!

So I haven't pixelled in quite a while. Actually it must be pretty close to a year.

One site that I like to frequent is pixeljoint. They often run interesting little weekly challenges. This week's was to make a 48x48 pixel, 8 frames, dance animation. Eh voila:

TOOLS: Photoshop & ImagaeReady

12 colours (1 is transparency). Took a little while to do this but I think I've eased back in the pixelling lifestyle. I heart pixels.

Its referenced from the outro of 'The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer.' Check it out if you haven't. But its a perhaps fat and balding Reeves...

"Um dede du dedu dede dum"

and the slightly trippy version:

TOOLS: Photoshop & ImagaeReady

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charlotte said...

I like the smell of your pixels....