Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My life of games (& computers & geekyness) Pt. i

I was reminiscing recently about great games I've played...

So here in some semi-chronological sense is a guide to my life (I played a lot more but these were the friends who's passing I lament most);

Pt I: My Dad's Apple Macintosh Classic, Apple Macintosh Plus, and Apple Macintosh SE.

Check out the awesomeness that is early Macintosh mouse.

? Inigo Get's Out
Very early kid's game made with Hypercard I think. I used to spend hours making my own similar games.
So very cool.
Stunt Copter
Casual gaming, the modern phenomena?
This one was my brother's, I never really understood it - as far as I remember I never got past the first patient. It scared me. A lot... surprisingly enough my brother's now a doctor
Fokker Triplane
Another of my brothers impossibly hard games
Fantastic multiplayer. Seconded only just by the one game I can't remember the title of... Maybe an edit to come when I talk to my brother or look through an old cupboard!
Sitting Duck
Pretty sweet. I remember the noises being class.
? Periapt
? Trek

Multiplayer back then...

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Chris Duffy said...

I remember life and death! I used to have it on the Amiga. I used to always forget to anathematise patients, and they would scream horribly as i cut into them. Ughh....